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Clinical Activities

Gastroenterology services are coordinated and managed within the overall referral system through the District Hospitals throughout the Province to Regional and the Tertiary/Central Hospital Services. The Gastroenterology Department services primarily Inkosi Albert Luthuli Central and King Edward VIII Hospitals. Routine consultation for in-patient is provided at both hospitals. Gastroenterology procedures are provided in collaboration with the Department of Surgery within the Durban Functional Region. 

Out-Patient Service 

At a secondary level, a clinic is run on a weekly basis on a Monday mornings at King Edward VIII Hospital. A tertiary Gastroenterology/Hepatology clinic is held weekly on a Thursday morning at Inkosi Albert Luthuli Central Hospital. 

Inkosi Albert Luthuli Central Hospital 

The GI Unit at IALCH provides an endoscopic service to the following categories of patients: 

  1. Patients referred to the GI clinic because of the complexity/severity etc of the underlying problem which needs a Gastroenterologist’s opinion.
  2. Patients referred from other tertiary out-patient services at IALCH.
  3. In-patients at IALCH who require urgent endoscopy.
  4. Complex or technically difficult procedures which require a high degree of expertise and competence such as Endoscopic Retrograde
  5. Cholangio-Pancreatography, Endoscopic ultrasound, oesophageal motility and 24hr pH manometry.
  6. We additionally provide an 8-bedded in-patient facility.
Head of Department

Prof KA Newton MBCHB FCP(SA) 

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