How to refer a Thoracic Surgical

How to refer a Thoracic SurgicalRoutine referrals

The unit ran an open clinic policy at Wentworth for over thirty years. This meant that no booking was required for an outpatient referral and that any patient referred to the clinic which occurs every Tuesday, would be seen. 

The department moved to IALCH on 12th July 2003 and has continued the open door policy on new referrals, however in order to facilitate administration, we are now taking bookings with a reference number. A booking may be made by phoning Mr.s R Govender on 031-240-2127. Although this is not mandatory for the patient to be seen, it does save the patient considerable time if they have a number at the Reception Desk. Patients should be at the hospital by 08.00hrs. All patients require is a referral letter and their previous x-rays. Failure to supply the previous x-rays and/or refferal letter makes proper assessment of most patients less accurate and will produce terse comments in the consultant’s reply! The department does not run a thoracic surgical waiting list, and patients requiring in-patient investigation are admitted whenever possible at the time of referral.

Monkeys at Wentworth

One of the two troops of Vervet Monkeys at Wentworth

All patients receive a letter to return to their referral clinic or hospital after being seen at the clinic. They each receive a further letter on discharge form the ward and on each subsequent outpatient attendance.

There is a follow up clinic on Thursdays for long term follow up of patients and we discourage new attendances but will see urgent patients at that clinic again with a referral letter and previous X-Rays.

King George V Hospital is being renovated and the wards and clinics are to be moved to Wentworth Hospital from 13th June 2008 until furhter notice. Details of the clinic arrangements have still to be sorted out. In the interim patients should be sent to the Tuesday Thoracic Clinic at IALCH and details of the replacement KGV clinic at Wentworth Hospital will be forwarded to the KZN Health Department Clinics and Hospitals and will be placed on this website as soon as they are known.
Oesophageal Referrals

Emergency Referrals 

Emergencies referrals are made through the on-call registrar at IALCH telephone 031-240-1000. These referrals will be discussed with the on-call or other relevant consultant and if appropriate and providing a bed is available, the patient will be accepted. Occasionally it may be appropriate only to offer telephonic advice or to refer the patient to one of the forthcoming clinics. The on-call consultant may be contacted directly but logistical problems with being in theatre or en route between hospitals make it impracticable to follow this as the normal means of referral.

Follow up is normally at the Tuesday or Thursday clinic for IALCH. the new Wentworth clinic dates will be provided as they are available.

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