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The Neurosurgery Disciplined is based at Inkosi Albert Luthuli Central Hospital (IALCH),  a 1000 bed super specialised, paperless referral hospital with state of the art facilities.

The Neurosurgical unit consist of 110 beds (paediatric and adult) shared adult and paedatric high care. The paediatric neurosurgical unit has 18 beds with high care beds, sepsis beds and isolation units

It serves a catchment area for a population of approximately 10 million people (KZN & Parts of Eastern Cape)  and provides emergency and elective treatment in all the disciplines of neurosurgery. There is also a craniofacial unit in the hospital headed by plastic surgeon Prof A. Madaree run in conjunction with the neurosurgical unit.

There is also a 40 bed adult neurological unit headed by Prof A Bhijee and a paediatric neurology unit headed by Dr L. Mubaiwa. All these interrelated disciplines work together to provide care to patients with neurological problems. The hospital has a unique neurological referral pattern using the Telemedicine system which provides links to at least 10 major hospitals equipped with CT/MRI facilities.

The hospital has 19 operating theatres supported by 75 intensive care and 96 high care beds. The neurosurgical unit has two fully dedicated operating theatres with neuroanaeshets. Approximately 2000 surgical intervention are performed every year (Cranial and Spinal). The operating theatre and intensive care high care units are equipped with state of the art facilities – (Neuronavigation, Stealth Systems, Two Microscope NC4, Neuroendoscopic and Cerebral microdialysis in the neurotrauma unit.

Patients with wide varieties of pathology are treated in the unit. These include neurotrauma, neurosepsis, neoplasm, vascular pathologies, endovascular infratentorial treatment, spinal pathology and paediatric pathologies.

The hospital is an excellent academic centre and has a vigorous and well elaborate tertiary and training programme for the neurosurgical residents who usually spend 4-5 years before writing the Neurosurgical fellowship examination, in addition to training local post graduates, we have a programme for supernumerary registrars and assist with the training of specialist neurosurgeons.

Inkosi Albert Luthuli Central Hospital
800 Bellair Road, Mayville, 4091
Block A – Ground Floor

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