Department Publications

Department Publications

  • 2011 Publications

    Ramdial PK, Sing Y, Deonarain J, Hadley GP, Singh B

    Dermal Epstein Barr virus – associated leiomyosarcoma:  Tocsin of acquired immunodeficiency syndrome in two children
    American Journal of Dermatopathology 2011:33(4);392-396

  • 2010 Publications

    Hadley GP 
    Commentary: Can surgeons fill the void in the management of children with solid tumours in non-developing countries? 
    Pediatric Blood Cancer 2010:55;16-17

    Hadley GP, Sheik-Gafoor MH 
    Clear cell sarcoma of the kidney in children: experience in a developing country
    Pediatric Surgery International 2010:26;345-348

    Hadley GP, Sheik-Gafoor MH, Buckels NJ 
    The management of nephroblastoma with cavo-atrial disease at presentation:  experience from a developing country
    Pediatric Surgery International 2010:26;1169-1172

    Moore SW, Kirsten M, Muller EW, Hadley GP 
    Retrospective surveillance of intussusception in South Africa, 1998-2003.  Journal of Infectious Disease 2010:Suppl 1; S156-161

    Ramdial PK, Hadley GP, Sing Y 
    Spinal cord compression in children with Wilsm’ tumour
    Pediatric Surgery International 2010:26;349-353

    Ramdial PK, Sing Y, Hadley GP, Chotey NA, Mahlakwane MS, Singh, B Paediatric intussusception caused by acquired immunodeficiency syndrome-associated Kaposi sarcoma
    Pediatric Surgery International 2010:26;783-787   

  • 2009 publications

    Allorto NL, Royston D, Hadley GP 
    Traumatic false aneurysm of the left gastric artery
    Pediatric Surgery International 2009:25;455-457

    Hadley GP, Naude F 
    Malignant solid tumour, HIV infection and tuberculosis in children: an unholy triad
    Pediatric Surgery International 2009:25;697-701

    Sekabira J, Hadley GP 
    Gastroschisis: a third world perspective
    Pediatric Surgery International 2009:25;327-329

    Wiersma R 
    Urethro-ejaculatory duct reflux in children: an updated review
    European Journal of Pediatric Surgery 2009:19;374-376

    Wiersma R, Ramdial PK 
    The gonads of 111 South African patients with ovotesticular disorder of sex differentiation
    Journal of Pediatric Surgery 2009:44;556-560

  • 2008 Publications

    Hadley GP 
    Editorial. Perspectives on congenital anomalies in developing countries. 
    African Journal of Paediatric Surgery 2008:5(1);1-2

    Hadley GP, Mars M 
    Postgraduate medical education in paediatric surgery: videoconferencing – a possible solution for Africa?
    Pediatric Surgery International 2008:24;223-226

    Jeena V, Wiersma R, Hadley GP.   
    Primary anterior sagittal anorectoplasty in the treatment of low anorectal malformations in females – the Durban experience
    South African Journal of Child Health 2008: 2(2); 70

    Maharaj AG, Hadley GP.   
    Results of the treatment of cystic partially differentiated nephroblastoma
    South African Journal of Child Health 2008: 2(2); 86-87

    Maharaj NR, Nimako D, Hadley GP 
    Multomodal therapy for the initial management of genital embryonal rhabdomyosarcoma in childhood
    International Journal of Gynaecological Cancer 2008:18;168-192

    Moore SW, Alexander A, Sidler D, Alves J, Hadley GP et al.  
    The spectrum of anorectal malformations in Africa.
    Journal of Pediatric Surgery 2008:24(6);677-683

    Moore SW, Numanoglu A, Hadley GP et al.  
    Malignant liver tumours in South African children. 
    World Journal of Surgery 2008:32;1389-1395

    Wiersma R.  
    Vesico-ejaculatory duct reflux (VER): A review of the literature
    South African Journal of Child Health 2008: 2(2); 74

    Wiersma R.  
    Overview of bladder exstrophy: A Third World perspective. 
    Journal of Pediatric Surgery 2008:43(8):1520-1523

  • 2007 Publications

    Hadley GP.  
    Pediatric Oncology: looking ahead. Journal of the Indian Association of Pediatric Surgeons 2007:12(3);107-108

    Hadley GP.  
    Post-operative care of children. In: Paediatric Surgery in the District Hospital. Eds. Bickler S, Ameh E. MacMillan Publishers, 2007

    Hadley GP.  
    Wilms’ tumour at a District Hospital. In: Paedaitric Surgery in the District Hospital. Eds. Bickler S, Ameh E. MacMillan Publishers, 2007

    Hadley GP.  
    Abdominal injuries. In: Paediatric Surgery in the District Hospital. Eds. Bickler S, Ameh E. MacMillan Publishers, 2007

    Hadley GP.  
    Wilms’ tumour in Africa. In: SIOP Education Book 2007. Art Throb Printers, India, 2007

    Kuremu RT, Hadley GP, Wiersma R.   
    Gastrointestinal tract perforation in neonates. Tropical Doctor 2007:37;1-3.

    Holzinger TT, Shaik AS, Hadley GP.  
    The role of nutritional intervention in children with nephroblastoma. South African Journal 
    of Clinical Nutrition 2007:20(3);96-99 


  • 2006 Publications

    Hadley GP 
    Paediatric surgery in the Third World. Letter to the Editor
    South African Medical Journal 2006:96(11);1139-1140

    Hadley GP 
    Wilms’ tumour in South Africa. In: Essentials of Pediatric Oncology. Ed. Gupta D. Jaypee Publishers, India. 2006.

    Hadley GP 
    Gunshot injuries. In: Paediatric trauma and child abuse. Ed. van As S, Naidoo S. Oxford University Press South Africa, Cape Town. 2006.

    Hadley GP, Mars M  
    Hypertension in a cohort of African children with renal tumours
    Pediatric Surgery International 2006:22(3); 219-223

    Hadley GP, Shaik AS  
    The morbidity and outcome of surgery in children with large pre-treated Wilms’ tumour: size matters
    Pediatric Surgery International 2006:22(5); 409-412

    Oosthuizen GV, Harrower JE, Hadley GP 
    Psoas abscess in children: Making the diagnosis
    Tropical Doctor 2006:36; 246-247

    Ramburan A, Hadley GP, Govender D  
    Expression of E-cadherin, cadherin-11, alpha-, beta- and Y-catenins in nephroblastomas: relationship with clinicopathological parameters, prognostic factors and outcome
    Pathology 2006:38(1); 39-44

  • 2005 Publications

    Maharaj NR, Dhai A, Wiersma R, Moodley R  
    Intersex conditions in children and adolescents: Surgical, ethical and legal considerations.
    Journal of Pediatric and Adolescent Gynecology 2005:18; 399-402

    Moore SW, Sidler D, Hadley GP  
    Anorectal malformations in Africa
    South African Journal of Surgery 2005:43(4);174-175

    Ramburan A, Oladiran F, Smith C, Hadley GP, Govender D  
    Microsatellite analysis of the adenomatous polyposis coli (APC) gene and immunoexpression of Beta-catenin in nephroblastomas: a study including 83 cases treated with preoperative chemotherapy
    Journal of Clinical Pathology 2005:58(1);44-50

  • 2004 Publications

    Hadley GP.  
    Common problems in paediatric surgery. A guide for physicians and generalists. 
    PedMed February 2004.

    Hadley GP, Govender D, Landers G.  
    Primary tumours of the liver in children: An African perspective.
    Pediatric Surgery International 2004:20;314-318

    Kuremu RT, Hadley GP, Wiersma R .  
    Neonatal gastric perforation.
    East African Medical Journal 2004:81(1);56-58

    Moore SW, Millar AJ, Hadley GP, Ionescu G, Kruger M, Poole J,  Stones D, Wainwright L, Chitnis M, Wessels G
    Hepatocellular carcinoma and liver tumours in South African children: a case for increased prevalence
    Cancer 2004:101(3);642-649

    Ramburan A, Chetty R, Hadley GP, Naidoo R, Govender D.  
    Microsatellite analysis of the DCC gene in nephroblastomas: pathological correlations and prognostic implications
    Modern Pathology 2004:17(1);89-95

    Wiersma R.  
    True hermaphroditism in southern Africa: the clinical picture
    Pediatric Surgery International 2004:20;363-368

    Wiersma R, Hadley GP.  
    Minimising surgery in complicated intussusceptions in the Third World
    Pediatric Surgery International 2004:20(3);215-217

  • 2003 Publications

    Hadley GP, Mars M 
    Intraoperative pulse oximetry can help determine intestinal viability. Letter to the Editor
    Pediatric Surgery International 2003:19;130

    Kuremu RT, Hadley GP, Wiersma R  
    Gastro-intestinal tract perforation in neonates: an experience with 54 cases
    East African Medical Journal 2003:80(9);452-455

    Wiersma R  
    HIV-positive African children with rectal fistulae
    Journal of Pediatric Surgery 2003:38(1);62-64


  • 2001 Publications

    Breckon V, Thomson SR, Hadley GP 
    Internal drainage of pancreatic pseudocysts in children using an endoscopically-placed stent
    Pediatric Surgery International 2001:17(8);621-623

    Govender D, Hadley GP, Nteene LM, Chetty R 
    Mature renal teratoma and a synchronous malignant neuroepithelial tumour of the ipsilateral adrenal gland
    Journal of Clinical Pathology 2001:54;253-254

    Hadley GP, Egner J 
    Gastric duplication with extralobar pulmonary sequestration: An uncommon cause for “colic”. Letter to the Editor
    Clinical Pediatrics 2001:40(6);364

    Hadley GP, Govender D, Landers G 
    Wilms tumour with unfavourable histology: implications for clinicians in the Third World
    Medical and Pediatric Oncology 2001:36;652-653

    Hadley GP, Govender D, Landers G 
    Primary liver tumours in children: an African experience
    Medical and Pediatric Oncology 2001:37(3);340

    Hadley GP, Mars M 
    Improving neonatal transport in the Third World – technology or teaching?
    South African Journal of Surgery 2001:39(4);122-124

    Lusu T, Buhlungu N, Grant H 
    The attitudes of parents to traditional medicine and the surgeon. Letter to the Editor
    South African Medical Journal 2001:91(4);270-271

    Wiersma R 
    The management of the African child with true hermaphroditism
    Journal of Pediatric Surgery 2001:36(2);397-399

  • 2002 Publications

    Hadley GP, Govender D, Landers G 
    Malignant solid tumours in neonates: an African perspective
    Pediatric Surgery International 2002:18;653-657

    Hadley L, Landers G, Govender D 
    Secondary primary pathology in a cohort of Wilms’ tumour patients from the Third World
    Medical and Pediatric Oncology 2002:39(4);226

    Wiersma R, Hadley GP, Govender D, Grant HW  
    Rectal gastric heterotopia in infancy
    Journal of Pediatric Surgery 2002:37(10);1481-1482

  • 2000 Publications

    Breckon VM, Hadley GP  
    Waugh’s syndrome: a report of six patients
    Pediatric Surgery International 2000:16;370-373

    Govender D, Hadley GP, Nadvi SS, DConnellan RB 
    Primary lumbosacral Wilms’ tumour associated with occult spinal dysrahaphism
    Virchow Archiv 2000:436(5);502-505

    Hadley GP, Govender D, Corr P 
    Non-Wilms’ renal tumours in childhood
    Medical and Pediatric Oncology 2000:35(3);375

    Hodgson RE, Bösenberg AT, Hadley GP 
    Congenital diaphragmatic hernia repair – impact of delayed surgery and epidural analgesia
    South African Journal of Surgery 2000:38(2);31-35

    Jeena PM, Coovadia HM, Hadley GP, Wiersma R, Chrystal V 
    Lymph node biopsies in HIV infected and non-infected children with persistent lung disease
    International Journal of Tuberculosis and Lung Disease 2000:4(2);139-146

  • 1999 Publications

    Govender D, Hadley GP 
    Ectomesenchymoma of the prostate: Histological diagnostic criteria
    Pediatric Surgery International 1999:15;68-70

    Govender D, Hadley GP 
    Recurrent Wilms’ tumour or retroperitoneal teratoma? A report of a challenging case
    Virchows Archiv 1999:435;67-70

    Govender D, Hadley GP, Donnellan R 
    Granuloma inguinale (donovanosis) presenting as a neck mass in an infant
    Pediatric Surgery International 1999:15;129-131

    Grant HW 
    Patterns of presentation of human immunodeficiency virus type 1-infected children to the paeditric surgeon
    Journal of Pediatric Surgery 1999:34(2);251-254

    Hadley GP, Govender D, Landers G 
    Wilms’ tumour (WT) with unfavourable histology: is treatment in the Third World justified?
    Medical and Paediatric Oncology 1999:33;341

    Hadley GP, McGarr P, Mars M 
    The role of thromboelastography in the management of children with snake bite in southern Africa
    Transactions of the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene 1999:93;177-179

    Hadley GP, Mars M 
    The pathophysiology of compartment syndromes: micro-circulatory compromise as a cause of exercise-induced limb pain
    South African Journal of Sports Medicine 1999:6(1);3-5

    Hadley GP, Mars M 
    An audit of clinical teaching in paediatric surgery to interns and surgical registrars
    Medical Education 1999:33(10);745-748

    Mars M, Mills RP, Hadley GP 
    Exercise-induced acute compartment syndrome
    South African Journal of Sports Medicine 1999:6(2);20-23

    Solwa Y, Sanyika C, Hadley GP, Corr P 
    Colour doppler ultrasound assessment of the inferior vena cava in patients with Wilms’ tumour
    Clinical Radiology 1999:54;811-814

  • 1998 Publications

    Bösenberg AT, Hadley GP 
    Long gap oesophageal atresia in a patient with 13 ribs
    Journal of Pediatric Surgery 1998:33(8);1328

    Govender D, Harilal P, Hadley GP, Chetty R  
    p53 protein expression in nephroblastomas: a predictor of poor prognosis
    British Journal of Cancer 1998:77(2);314-318

    Grant HW, Hadley GP, Adhikari M, Fernandes-Costa F 
    T-cryptantigen (TCA) activation in surgical neonates: a hidden problem
    Pediatric Surgery International 1998:14(3);204-207

    Grant HW, Hadley GP, Wiersma R, Rollins N 
    Surgical lessons learned from the Shigella dysenteriae type 1 epidemic
    Journal of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh 1998:43(3);160-162

    Gregory M, Hadley GP 
    The evolution of biofilms in venous access devices implanted in children with Wilms’ tumour
    Pediatric Surgery International 1998:13(5-6);400-405

    Hadley GP 
    Children and violence in South Africa
    PedMed 1998:November/December;15

    Hadley GP 
    Neonatal transport
    Trauma and Emergency Medicine 1998:15(4);40-44

    Hadley GP, Gregory MA 
    Chronic venous access for children with malignant disease: options for the clinician
    Hospital Supplies 1998:January;4-8

    Hadley GP, Mars M 
    Gunshot injuries in infants and children in KwaZulu-Natal. An emerging epidemic?
    South African Medical Journal 1998:88(4);444-447

    Hadley GP, Sanyika C, Govender D 
    The diagnosis and management of intracaval and intra-atrial tumour in children with Wilms’ tumour
    Medical and Pediatric Oncology 1998:31(4);388

    Mars M, Hadley GP 
    Raised compartmental pressure in children: a basis for management
    Injury 1998:29(3);183-185

    Mars M, Hadley GP 
    Raised intra-compartmental pressure and compartment syndromes: Review article
    Injury 1998:29(6);403-411

  • 1997 Publications

    Bösenberg AT, Hadley GP 
    Conscious sedation in children
    South African Medical Journal 1997:87(8);1017

    Corr P, Smit J, Hadley GP 
    An unusual cause of haemobilia: biliary ascariasis
    Pediatric Radiology 1997:27;348-349

    Forsyth NB, Botha JH, Hadley GP 
    A comparison of two amikacin dosing regimens in paediatric surgical patients
    Annals of Tropical Paediatrics 1997:17;253-261

    Govender D, Harilal P, Hadley L, Chetty R 
    Expression of bcl-2 protein in nephroblastomas
    Internal Jounral of Oncology 1997:11;629-633

    Grant HW, Chuturgoon AA, Kenoyer DG, Doorasamy T 
    Effect of major surgery on the adaptive immune response in neonates
    Pediatric Surgery International 1997:12(7);490-493

    Grant HW, Hadley GP 
    Prediction of neonatal sepsis by thromboelastography
    Pediatric Surgery International 1997:12;289-292

    Hadley GP 
    Invited comment: The value of laparoscopy for impalpable testes
    South African Journal of Surgery 1997:35(2);73

    Hadley GP, Mars M 
    Complications of trauma in children
    Trauma and Emergency Medicine 1997:June/July;22-23

    Mars M, Tufts MA, Hadley GP 
    Towards reducing the trauma of direct intracompartmental pressure measurement for Paediatric Surgery International 1997:12;172-176

  • 1996 Publications

    Grant HW, Buccimazza I, Hadley GP 
    A comparison of ileo-colic and colo-colic intussusception in children
    Journal of Pediatric Surgery 1996:31(12);1607-1610

    Hodgson E, Bösenberg AT, Hadley GP 
    Epidural analgesia for diaphragmatic hernia surgery: A strategy to limit postoperative ventilation
    Intensive Care Medicine 1996:22(S3);S397

    Madiba TE, Hadley GP 
    Surgical management of worm volvulus
    South African Journal of Surgery

    Mars M, Hadley GP 
    Failure of pulse oximetry in the assessment of raised limb intracompartmental pressure
    Info-Med Orthopaedics 1996:524-525

    Nair R, Hadley GP 
    Intstinal malrotation: Experience with 56 patients
    South African Journal of Surgery 1996:34(2);73-78

  • 1995 Publications

    Forsyth N, Botha J, Hadley GP 
    Comparative tonicities of two Amikacin dosing regimens in children
    Therapeutic Drug Monitoring 1995:17(4);391

    Govender D, Hadley GP, Bairstow S 
    Immature teratoma of the rectum presenting with prolapse per anum
    Pediatric Surgery International 1995:10;194-195

    Goetsch S, Hadley GP 
    Hodgkin’s disease following successful treatment of neonatal gastric teratoma in a female
    Pediatric Pathology and Laboratory Medicine 1995:15(3);445-461

    Gregory MA, Hadley GP 
    The removal and morphology of intact biofilms from implanted venous access devices
    Proceedings: Microscopy and Microanalysis 1995
    Bailey GW, Ellisman MH, Hennigar RA, Zaluzec NJ (eds), New York, Jones & Begell, 1995, pp1020-1021

    Gregory MA, Hadley GP, Pillay B 
    The morphology and microbiology of biofilms in implanted venous access device
    Proceedings: Electron Microscopy Society of Southern Africa 1994:25;54

    Hadley GP 
    The acute abdomen in children
    In: Gastroenterology in the tropics and subtropics: a practical approach
    Watters D, Kiire C (eds), London, MacMillan, 1995, pp366-385, p466

    Hadley GP, Bösenberg AT 
    Surgery of Wilms’ tumour: The effect of neoadjuvant chemotherapy
    Pediatric Surgery International 1995:10(5/6);362-365

    Hadley GP, Bösenberg AT 
    Poland Syndrome with exomphalos major: A successful management strategy
    Pediatric Surgery International 1995:10;598-600

    Mars M, Hadley GP 
    Raised intracompartmental pressure in children
    Trauma and Emergency Medicine 1995:12(3);101-104

  • 1994 Publications

    Bösenberg AT, Mickel RE, Hadley GP 
    Management of oesophageal atresia in association with congenital diaphragmatic hernia
    Pediatric Anaesthesia 1994:4;263-266

    Grant HW, Hadley GP 
    Solid tumours in children
    Surgery 1994:12(6);121-129

    Grant HW, Hadley GP, Wiersma R 
    Membranous atresia of the body of the stomach: A case report
    Journal of Pediatric Surgery 1994:29(12);1588

    Hadley GP, Wiersma R 
    Scrotoschisis: A case report
    Pediatric Surgery International 1994:(1&2);379-381

    Wiersma R, Hadley GP, Patterson H 
    Extramural oesophageal foreign body: a case report
    Pediatric Surgery International 1994:9;516-517

  • 1993 Publications

    Egner JG, Hadley GP 
    Small left colon syndrome in a newborn with cystic fibrosis: A case report
    Pediatric Surgery International 1993:8(4);349-350

    Hadley GP, Wiersma R, Bösenberg AT, Grant HW 
    Needle implantation ascribed to the ‘Tikoloshe’
    Lancet 1993:382;1304

    Taams MA, Hadley GP, Thomson SR 
    Naso-enteral finebore feeding tube fixation in the burned child: An audit of a technique
    Pediatric Surgery International 1993:8;274-276

  • 1992 Publications

    Bösenberg AT, Hadley GP, Wiersma R 
    Oesophageal atresia: caudo-thoracic epidural anaesthesia reduces the need for post-operative ventilatory support
    Pediatric Surgery International 1992:7;289-291

    Emmink B, Hadley GP, Wiersma R 
    Infantile hypertrophic pyloric stenosis in a Third-World environment
    South African Medical Jurnal 1992:82(3);168-170

    Wiersma R, Hadley GP, Bösenberg AT, Chrystal V 
    Intralingual cysts of foregut origin
    Journal of Pediatric Surgery 1992:27(11);1404-1406

  • 1991 Presentations

    Mars M, Hadley GP, Aitchison JM 
    Direct intracompartmental pressure measurement in the management of snakebites in children
    South African Medical Journal 1991:80;227-228

    Mokoena T, Hadley GP 
    Surgical management of multiple limb gangrene following dehydration in children
    South African Medical Journal 1991:80;185-189

  • 1990 Publications

    Hadley GP, Wiersma R 
    Membranous atresia of the intra-abdominal oesophagus
    South African Medical Journal 1990:77;210-211

    Wiersma R, Hadley GP, Luvuno FM 
    Amoebiasis in children: Pathology, diagnosis and treatment
    Pediatric Surgery International 1990:5;406-410

  • Pre-1990 Publications

    Akoojee SB, Lloyd DA 
    Nephroblastoma and multilocular cyst simulating hydronephrosis
    South African Medical Juornal 1979:56;772-774

    Boultbee JE, Lloyd DA 
    The ultrasound appearance of subdiaphragmatic rupture of a right lobe liver abscess in a two-year-old child
    British Journal of Radiology 1979:521;899-901

    Cooper K, Hadley G, Moodley P 
    Mesenchymal hamartoma of the liver. A report of 5 cases
    South African Medical Journal 1989:75;295-298

    de Carvalho J, Maynard J, Hadley GP 
    An improved technique for in situ esophageal myotomy and proximal pouch mobilisation in patients with esophageal atresia
    Journal of Pediatric Surgery 1989:24(9);872-873

    Eriksen CA, Hadley GP 
    Rectal prolapse in childhood – the role of infections and infestations
    South African Medical Journal 1985:68;790-791

    Gourevitch D, Hadley GP 
    Splenic conservation after trauma in children
    Surgery Gynecology and Obstetrics 1986:153;536-538

    Hadley GP 
    Transporting the surgically ill neonate
    Journal of Accident and Emergency Medicine 1988:5(5);23-27

    Hadley GP 
    Splenic artery ligation – an adjunct to splenorraphy in children
    South African Medical Journal 1984:66;578-579

    Hadley GP, Jacobs C
    The Clinical presentation of Wilms’ tumour in black children
    South African Medical Journal 1989:77;565-567

    Hadley GP, Mickel RE 
    Fulminating amoebic colitis in infants and children
    Journal of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh 1984:29(6);371-373

    Hadley GP, Mickel RE 
    Conservative surgery in neonatal splenic injury
    South African Journal of Surgery 1984:22(2);97-101

    Hadley GP, Rabe E 
    Scanning with Iodine-131 MIBG in children with solid tumours: An initial appraisal
    Journal of Nuclear Medicine 1986:27;620-626

    Henry APJ, Wood H, Mickel RE 
    Spina bifida in African and Indian babies
    Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery 1984:56(B);650-657

    Keenan JP, Hadley GP 
    The surgical management of typhoid perforation in children
    British Journal of Surgery 1984:15(2);928-929

    Lloyd DA 
    Hepatobiliary ascariasis in children
    Surgery Annual 1982:14;277-297

    Lloyd DA 
    Hepatic ascariasis
    South African Journal of Surgery 1982:20(4);297-304

    Lloyd DA 
    Antiperistaltic colonic interposition following massive small bowel resection in rats
    Journal of Pediatric Surgery 1981:16(1);64-49

    Lloyd DA 
    Massive hepatobiliary ascariasis in childhood
    British Journal of Surgery 1981:68;468-473

    Lloyd DA, Mickel RE 
    Spontaneous perforation of the extra-hepatic bile ducts in neonates and infants
    British Journal of Surgery 1980:67;621-623

    Lloyd DA, Mickel RE, Kritzinger NA 
    Topical treatment of burns using Aserbine
    Burns 1989:15(2);125-128

    Mickel RE 
    Hydatid disease (echinococcosis)
    South African Journal of Continuing Medical Education 1983:1(12);62-64

    Mickel RE 
    The external descent of the testes – a mechanical hypothesis revived
    South African Journal of Surgery 1982:30(4);289-294

    Mickel RE 
    Operating-table for neonates and small infants
    Lancet 1972:744-746

    Mickel RE 
    The “Prune-Belly” Syndrome
    South African Journal of Surgery 1971:9(1);45-51

    Morris BD, Nuss D, Winship WS 
    Biliary atresia in a twin
    South African Medical Journal 1977;51(2);469-470

    Nuss D, Duursma J, Pudifin DJ, Pirie D, Mickel RE 
    Cultural characteristics of mesoblastic nephromas
    Journal of Pediatric Surgery 1977:12(4);553-561

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