Applying for admission to a postgrad programme

Applying for The MMED Programme

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Applying for The MMEDSC and Programme

Prospective students wishing to pursue a postgraduate research degree in the School of Clinical Medicine should proceed as follows. The process is summarised in a flowchart at the foot of the page.

Before the formal application

Find a supervisor. If you have somebody in mind, approach them directly and discuss the possibility of undertaking a research degree with them directly. If you are unsure who might be a suitable supervisor, then the School can help. Contact either the Academic Head of Discipline or the School Academic Leader of Research, outlining your wishes and asking them to put you in touch with a suitable person.

Write a concept note. This is a short document summarising your planned project. Use this standard template. known as a “concept note” which will be submitted according to a standard template which you will find here. Assistance with writing a concept note is available from the Doctoral Academy and Postgrad Support Centre.

The formal application

Apply online via the UKZN website . You will require a number of supporting documents which are listed on the registration site. During the application process you will upload your concept note to the website. First time applicants will receive a system-generated student number which can be used for registration.

After applying

Following the application, a number of processes will take place which do not require you to do anything. The application will be forwarded to the School Postgraduate Office, who will check it for completeness, enter your supervisor details on the system and forward it to the supervisor via the online Higher Degrees Management System (HDMS). The supervisor needs to indicate their approval on the HDMS, following which the application will move on to the School Academic Leader of Research who in turn will indicate their approval. This process should take about 14 days.

When all this is complete, you will be notified by SMS if you have been accepted.

Once you have received notification of acceptance, you need to prepare for registration as described here.

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