It is sometimes necessary for a student to change supervisor. Your supervisor may leave the University, take sabbatical or for some similar reason be unavailable to you. It may become clear that a different supervisor would be more suitable for you and your project. Occasionally issues of personal compatibility may arise between student and supervisor. Under these circumstances it is possible to change and supervisors and there is a formal process to follow to do so. The process is summarised in a flowchart at the foot of this page.

If you are able to discuss this openly with your supervisor, then you should do so and obtain their agreement. Should you find this for any reason difficult, then you should approach your academic Head of Discipline or the School Academic Leader of Research to discuss the situation and obtain their help in initiating the process.

Your supervisor details are recorded against your registered research project and you need to access the Research Information Gateway (RIG) application in order to change supervisors. You will require the following information and documents which you should prepare in advance information to follow. You may access RIG here or by using the following link link to follow. Once in the system, click EDIT, go to Tab 14 and select AMENDMENTS. You should now select the new supervisor from the drop-down list and upload the necessary supporting documents.

Following your application, a number of processes will take place which do not require you to do anything. Your application is forwarded electronically to the School Academic Leader of Research for their approval, and thereafter to the appropriate Ethics Committee, who are required to issue a letter of approval for your change and supervisor. Once this is been received by the School Postgraduate Office, they will capture the necessary changes on the University system. You and your old and new supervisors will receive copies of this letter.

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