Before you submit your thesis for examination, you need to submit a formal notice of intention to do so. This is so that the school can begin identifying and recruiting examiners to mark your thesis. Experience has shown that identifying six potential examiners who are prepared to except the University’s invitation to examine your thesis is often difficult and time-consuming. For this reason, we require you to notify the School Postgraduate Office formally of your intention to submit your thesis for examination at least three months before you actually intend submitting it. You can do this by submitting the Intention to submit form available in the next paragraph to the School Postgraduate Office by email. The process is summarised in a flowchart at the foot of this page.

Form link to follow

The Postgraduate Office will then contact your supervisor requesting them to submit the names of six potential examiners, who will be approached and asked if they were willing to examine. It may be necessary for the supervisor and postgraduate office to do this repeatedly until six acceptances have been received. These six names are then submitted to the Academic Leader of Research, along with their CVs, who will select three to be recommended as examiners. These names are then forwarded to the College Research Office where the College Dean of Research will consider the recommendation and approve it if they deem the recommendation appropriate. Those three examiners will then be officially appointed as examiners and will be contacted and advised to expect receipt of your thesis in due course.

Please note that it is absolutely forbidden for the student to have any contact with a potential examiner.



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