Paediatric Surgery Patient Referral to IALCH

Paediatric Surgery Patient Referral to IALCH

How to Refer a Patient:


In the first instance please contact the registrar on call to discuss the patient you wish to transfer (Ward B3W 031 2401604 or Switchboard 031 240100). If your patient requires admission to ICU, high care or the neonatal nursery you must secure a bed for your patient by contacting the Paediatricians. Paediatric Surgery have no bed allocation in these units.


Out-patients must be referred via a Provincial hospital. Please make bookings by phoning the Paediatric Clinic on 2401608. The Department run the following Clinics:

Monday – General clinic

Tuesday – General clinic; Oncology clinic

Wednesday – Anorectal clinic

Thursday – General clinic; Neonatal clinic

Friday – Urogenital clinic

Who to Refer

Scope of practice

Tertiary paediatric surgery is defined as surgery in children under 13 years of age and confined to the following areas of interest :

Neonatal surgery

Oncology surgery

Correction of major congenital anomalies outside the neonatal period

Liver surgery

Management of gender ambiguity, both in the neonatal period and beyond

Additional to these will be occasional patients internally referred from other disciplines

Tertiary paediatric surgery is limited to 32 beds

Entry criteria

Paediatric surgery will do or attend to the following :

All neonatal surgery

All children under two years of age with paediatric surgical pathology other than minor problems that can be managed at a community, district or secondary hospital, eg. abscesses, oesophageal foreign bodies, etc.

All oncology (solid organs) will be admitted for investigation and treatment.

All genit-urinary problems will be admitted for surgery.

Will also treat all patients outside those already catered for which the hospital cannot deal with but by direct discussion within the Department of Paediatric Surgery.

Exit criteria

All patients in the wards who have completed their tertiary paediatric surgical treatment can be discharged from the Unit to the following areas :

Those requiring no further medical or nursing care can be sent home.

Those requiring continued treatment at regular intervals may be sent –

* home for recall

* back to referral hospital for recall

* CHOC block if an oncology patient

Those requiring further nursing care before going home may be returned to the referral hospital.

Those that no longer require paediatric surgical care but where the home environment is dangerous to the child will be kept pending investigation.