Once your application for admission to a degree programme has been approved, you are required to register for the degree before you can undertake any work on your project. Registration will also give you full access to the University amenities and staff, including access to its campuses and to library facilities. Please note that is not permitted to perform any work on the project beyond the concept note before you are registered. In particular, you may not undertake any actual research work (other than the necessary reading and discussion as you prepare your protocol) until you have received ethics approval. To do so is regarded as a very serious offence which might potentially result in expulsion from the University. Proceed as follows in order to register. The process is summarised in a flowchart at the foot of the page.

1. Prior to registering

  1. Settle outstanding fees. All outstanding fees must be paid.

  2. Apply for staff fee remission . If you are a UKZN staff member, apply for fee remission prior to registration. Apply on-line for Staff Fee Remission via (For assistance contact Mrs Zonke Sithole on 031260 8030 or Check your UKZN email address frequently for an update on your fee remission status. Once your application has been approved you are required to contact Student Fees on 031 2604259 or email: to obtain financial clearance. Thereafter you may register.

  3. Obtain financial clearance. All students require financial clearance before they can register. Students without financial clearance will not be able to complete their registration until they are cleared financially. This is a process undertaken by the University to ensure that you are likely to be able to afford your fees. If you have successfully applied for fee remission, then you are exempt from the step and may proceed directly to registration.
  • International students are required to provide the University International Office with additional documents, as listed here.
  • Funded students must submit their sponsorship letter to Student Funding office and obtain financial clearance.
  • Self-funded students must collect a pro-forma invoice, pay all fees and obtain financial clearance

  1. Pay the prescribed registration fee.

2. Registering

Register online using the UKZN Self-Help registration system which is accessible off-campus or via the UKZN LAN. Full instructions are provided on that site.

3. After registering

Following your application for registration, a number of processes will take place which do not require you to do anything. Once your registration has been approved, you will be informed that you are now registered.

  1. Student card. If you already have a student card, it will be automatically activated overnight. If not, you need to visit the RMS office, third floor, medical school to obtain one.

  2. LAN access. If you already have a user name and password for the UKZN internal computer network (LAN), your access will be automatically renewed. If not, you need to apply for this. It is essential that you obtain LAN access as soon as possible. Much of the university’s administration and almost all its communication with students is via the LAN. We will not be communicating with you using private email addresses. Your LAN credentials are also fundamental to your use of the library and many other activities essential to study and research.

  3. Parking permit. If you need a parking permit, apply on the link

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