Dr Margaret Matthews

Dr Margaret Matthews


Dr Margaret Matthews



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Medical School

Research Interests

Communication, language and culture in the medical consultation



SCM PPS Skills Resource Facility


Dr Matthews’ research interests lie in transformative education, communication, language and culture in the medical consultation. She is a current PhD candidate and the College of Health Sciences’ representative on the University Language Board. Other current research projects are in collaboration with staff from Rural Health and isiZulu and involve the use of technology such as video and CAL (computer-assisted learning). The isiZulu video project involves research into the integration of teaching isiZulu language skills and cultural competence with communication teaching for medical students. A grant has been sought for a CHS project to develop a further 60 isiZulu videos for various disciplines within the College.

ResearchGate Profile

 List of Publications  Prose N, Diab PN, Matthews MG. Experiential learning outside the comfort zone: taking students to downtown Durban, South Africa.  African J of Health Professions Education November 2013, Vol 5, No 2

Diab PN, Matthews MG, Gokool R. Medical students’ views on the use of video technology in the teaching of isiZulu communication and language skills and cultural competence.

Accepted by the African J of Health Professions Education, July 2014.

Matthews, MG, Van Wyk JS  “It is nice to be able to talk to people in their own language”: Attitudes of isiZulu second language learners at the Nelson R. Mandela School of Medicine to learning isiZulu for clinical communication. In review with SA Journal of Family Practice currently.

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