The application process is mapped in the diagram at the foot of this page.



Please complete this form to apply for Clinical Lecturer status: clinical lecturer application form

Joining the UKZN Staff

Please complete this form to register with HR as a staff member: Non-payroll Staff Record Form

LAN access

Please complete this form to register for LAN access: icts application

Library membership

Please complete this form to register for library access: Library registration


Ensure you have the support of your Clinical Head (PMB) or Academic Head of Department (Applicants from Durban and elsewhere.).

Obtain their signed endorsement if possible. (If it is difficult on grounds of distance, submit the form without their signature and we will obtain it.)

Then forward the completed forms to Ms Nhloso Hlophe if you are based in PMB or to Ms A Botha, School Manager, if based elsewhere.

The School will take care of the process from that point on.


Approximately 7-10 days after the application is received by the School Office, expect to receive:

  1. A letter confirming appointment from Human Resources
  2. An SMS with a termporary LAN user name and password
  3. A form from HR to be handed in at the Staff Card-issuing office on any campus. Present yourself at the office for a photo and issuing of the card. Contact Nhloso Hlophe or the School for directions.)

You should now find that you are authorised to use the library.

If you require parking, you can apply online on the UKZN intranet using your staff number.


Please inform Ms Antoinette Botha of any problems so that we can deal with them.


Flowchart outlining essential steps in the application process

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