Given the low student-staff ratios required for effective clinical teaching in the Ward and Clinic, our clinical students require the attention of a large number of clinical teaching staff. The greater proportion of these of full-time employees of the provincial Department of Health, working at a large number of hospitals in KwaZulu-Natal. Recognising the importance, as well as the importance of decentralised teaching and research, it was planned to incorporate many of the staff onto the Joint Health Establishment where they would have responsibilities for both clinical service and academic operations. Unfortunately this process has yet to be finalised.

In recognition of the vital role these staff playing, not only in teaching, but also in the training of registrars and increasingly in the research arena, the College of Health Sciences has a system of honorary appointments. The academic criteria and titles have now been updated in order to match standard University definitions of Associate, Fellow and Lecturer, which fall on a spectrum of increasing academic qualification and scholarly activity.

Appointments and Eligibility

There are three categories:

Honorary Clinical Associate:

  • Professional staff in a clinical discipline
  • Who are employed 100% by the Department of Health and do not have a Joint Medical Establishment or Joint Health Establishment appointment
  • Who do not receive specific remuneration for teaching
  • Whose workload includes an academic component (which include all aspects of teaching, training, assessing, supervising, research activity and administration relating to academic matters) of at least 20% of the week (8 hours).

Honorary Clinical Fellow:

  • Staff who in addition to the above have a Masters degree or PhD and a record of research activity and publication.

Honorary Lecturer:

  • Staff who are academically active to a degree comparable with full-time University academics in terms of education, research output. (Such honorary staff may be credentialled at the level of Honorary Senior Lecturer, Associate Professor or Professor if they meet the University’s published promotion criteria.)


All categories are eligible for:

  • Fee remission, for self and dependents
  • Access to the library
  • Access to the UKZN intranet
  • Staff card, access to University property and parking
  • Honorary lecturer status, for a period of three years
  • The opportunity to apply for research and travel support, on the basis that applications will be judged against the usual criteria applicable to academic staff of the College.

Process for appointment (all categories)

  1. The necessary documents are available on this website.
  2. The application must be countersigned by the Clinical Head  of Department (Pietermaritzburg) or Academic Head of Discipline in Durban (other applicants).
  3. These documents will be approved executively by the Dean of the School of Clinical Medicine  and the Head of the College of Health Sciences and forwarded to College Human Resources, the Medical Library and Information Communication Services for capturing and processing.
  4. Library and intranet privileges will follow automatically. University network username and password will be sent to the applicants’ cellphone by SMS.
  5. Applicants will be contacted with confirmation that they have been appointed and will be advised on how to obtain a staff card.

Additionally, if you wish to be considered for Honorary Clinical Fellow:

  1. Indicate so on the form
  2. Include a brief academic CV and list of peer-reviewed publications.

Additionally, if you wish to be considered for Honorary Clinical Lecturer:

  1. Forward your CV to the Dean and discuss this with him.
  2. A more formal evaluation and approval process has to be followed


  1. With the exception of Honorary Lecturer, this is a special process of appointment applicable only to clinical staff meeting the above eligibility criteria, as an interim measure pending finalisation of the Joint Health Establishment. The College plans to establish a formal category of “clinical lecturer” to provide for these arrangements, as they are not in line with those which apply to honorary lecturer status according to standard University policies.
  2. Application for appointment is open only to those members of the non-JME clinical staff who provide academic support with the consent of their line manager as part of their existing job.
  3. Self-initiated applications cannot be entertained.