Support from the School


The School has limited funds which it may use to support academic travel at its own discretion.


Download the application form

Download the Word document from the following link: Form for SCM travel application

Complete the form

  1. Type the information requested into the right hand column. allow the cells to expand with the text. Do not format.
  2. Attach the other requested documents. (Inclusion as attachments in an email along with the application form is preferred.)

Submit the application

  1. Submit the form plus accompanying documents to Khanyie Khuzwayo, and not to the Dean personally. Electronic submission via email is preferred..


  1. Please submit the application as early as possible. Though we will not set an absolute deadline, you should note that the later you leave it, the more problem you will run into in order to get Finance to release the funds in time. We will regard this as your problem, not ours!
  2. Pre-approval is essential. We will  not guarantee any retrospective payment. That you have gone ahead and incurred expenses before approval is granted will not be a factor in our decision, and you will have to accept the risk that you may not be reimbursed.


  1. Try to keep requests for international travel below R30k, and for local travel below R10k.


  1. We will aim for a quick executive decision, following consultation if necessary. You will then be notified by email. Decisions will be ratified by School Mancom to ensure fairness.
  2. If approved, the forms will be sent to the School Manager, Antoinette Botha, and you should thereafter liaise with her or her nominee to get the funds released.

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