It is sometimes appropriate for a student to suspend their studies for one or more semesters. This may be as a result of considerations such as physical or emotional health, financial necessity, family or professional responsibilities or competing obligations. There is a system for this which allows you to suspend your studies and suspend any payment of fees while remaining in good standing with the University, and remaining able to reregister without having to reapply. You should not just disappear or formally terminate your university registration. This will make it a very much more difficult to take your studies up again.

Before suspending your studies, discuss the situation with your supervisor. If necessary, seek advice from others in the school, such as the Academic Head of Discipline, the School Academic Leader of Research, student welfare or academic support services or an academic whom you respect and trust.

Thereafter proceed as follows. Contact the School Postgraduate Office and request a suspension of studies form or access the form here link to follow. The process is summarised in a flowchart at the foot of the page. Complete the form and submit it to the Postgraduate Office. It will be forwarded to the School Academic Leader of Research for their approval. Once approved, the Postgraduate Office will make the necessary amendment to the University’s registration system and will issue you with a letter confirming that this has been done.

Studies may be suspended for a maximum of two semesters.


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